Austin, Texas based artist Sistashhhh has been blending storytelling with photography, surrealist ideals, unjustified opinions, fruit, random animals  and absurdity since 1999.  

Stemming from the teachings of the Dada Movement of the early 1900's and the Surrealist of the 50's and 60's, Sistashhhh's work uses up-cycled hand-cut images from the historical periodicals, unique books, out of print magazines and a mixed mediums of paint and pens to create original one of a kind collages. 

Sistashhhh's pieces express fresh visual images which evoke thoughts of humor, politics, surrealism and hedonism and absurdism and more...

 Sistashhhh is considered one of the originators and innovators of the Nuevo Pastiche movement.

Nuevo Pastiche focuses its attention through art as an expression that questions politics, authority, society and stupidity in general. The movement puts the spotlight on social norms &limited imagination and attempts to disrupt them.


 Sistashhhh's work can currently be seen at the  Secret Stash in Crested Butte, Colorado as well as Art Direct Galleries in Austin Texas.

Sistashhhh's pieces are owned by actors, politicians, writers, athletes, unemployed people, philosophers, business professionals, house mothers, house fathers and other artists.

Sistashhhh, an enigmatic character, has been prolific in the art of wild postings around the world. with wheat pasted art appearing in Austin, Houston,Galveston, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Crested Butte, Perth & Exmouth, Australia.

Rather than focusing on the plastic wrap that defines the exterior shell, Sistashhhh challenges observers to free their minds to look past the tear in the fabrics of time, create their own truths, see the absurdity of today's situations and construct the stories they wish to imagine.